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  • Solaris RAD With Python
  • Continuing my experiments with Solaris RAD, I wanted to validate some of the work in the Solaris blog post that uses the python requests library to authenticate to a Solaris zone and grab some SMF info.

  • Using Kerberos Authentication With RAD
  • I am considering doing some experiments with Solaris RAD with LDAP naming services and use it as a foundation for application authentication using using Kerberos.

  • VirtualBox Remote Desktop Crazy Combo With Cut and Paste
  • I wanted to scribble down some notes on remote desktop (RDP) and VirtualBox using Microsoft Remote Desktop. When I got started I realized I had a really complex combination of Operating Systems, but it all worked seemlessly. Here is how I got it work, including a step needed to get cut-n-paste to work.

  • SSH X Display Issue With OEL 7
  • I was trying out one of Oracle’s VirtualBox images that allow you to try the database and key features and tools. The image I had laying around was a couple of years old running OEL 7. I found I could not X display one of the tools (SQL Developer) back to my Mac desktop. This is how I investigated the issue and fixed it.

  • GitHub Pages 2020: Odds and Ends for a Decent Blog Platform (Part III)
  • This post is some odds and ends which marks the third and final entry on my journey with GitHub Pages. I am sure it could be argued by someone “Hey do this, do that” to create a more feature complete blog. Basically, I have invested enough time with this and what I have delivered with my blog is just enough for me.

  • GitHub Pages 2020: Foundational Directories and Files (Part II)
  • After creating a repo in GitHub and enabling GitHub Pages for the repository, you have a to pick a “theme”. A theme is basically a display style for your website. In my case I chose the theme “Hacker”.

  • GitHub Pages 2020: Getting Started (Part I)
  • In what I believe to be a very “meta move”, my first blog post will be about how I created this blog. I found creating this site to be a trivial activity, but as with a lot of things in life, the first 80% was the easy part.